Close Your Detergent After Each Use

In a recent survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute (, 12% of Americans responded that they “sometimes, rarely or never seal detergent containers after each use.

This is an unfortunate statistic in households with children or pets as accidental ingestions could occur or cleaning compounds could spill and intermix creating dangerous fumes or caustic substances.

The American Cleaning Institute offers these safe laundry tips:

  • Always close the laundry detergent container, box, bottle or flexible pouch immediately after each use.
  • Keep laundry products out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Remember to keep products in their original container and immediately put them in a secure place after use.
  • Read and follow all recommended instructions on the laundry product label prior to use. Knowing what to do if an accident occurs is important. Make it a point to keep the Poison Control Center phone number handy (1-800-222-1222).
  • Clean up any spills, and immediately wash your hands and any items used to dispense or measure products.
  • Questions about laundry products? Call the manufacturer using the toll free number on the product label, or visit their website for more information.