Safety Check: Your Dryer Vent Hose

In most households the dryer vent hose gets little care and respect. That is unfortunate, because neglecting this piece of laundry equipment could be costing you money and jeopardizing the safety of your family.

If you are still utilizing white plastic venting it should immediately be replaced with UL listed metal vent piping. The white plastic vents feature prominent interior ribbed surfaces that allow for pockets of lint to accumulate. This results in a restricted air flow which causes the dryer to run less efficiently. Eventually, such blockages could result in combustion wherein the plastic hose will quickly burn.

Metallic vent piping also requires periodic maintenance to clear the interior of lint debris.  A good rule of thumb is inspect and conduct cleaning a least twice a year at daylight savings time, when you are also checking smoke detector batteries. The piping should be held securely in place with solid metal elbows at the dryer appliance and the vent cap.  Avoid crushing the pipe. Also, be certain that the exterior flap opens while the dryer is in use.

And always, always empty your machines lint trap after each use to avoid clogging the vent and machine. Routine lint and dust abatement should be performed in the basin, exterior sides, tops and bottoms of the dryer. A gentle alcohol wipe of the dryer sensors with a soft cloth should also be part of the maintenance schedule.

A great product to assist in clearing dryer vent piping is the popular “lint eater” officially known as Gardus RLE202 LintEater 10-Piece Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System. Designed by a commercial duct cleaning company for the homeowner, the “lint eater”:

  • Helps prevent dryer fires by removing lint buildup in clothes dryers which is one of the leading causes of home fires
  • Reduces drying times to save money on utility bills and wear and tear on dryer and clothing
  • Professional design with advanced cleaning technology has been field tested and used by professional service technicians for over 15 years
  • Effectively cleans all types of dryer vents including metal or foil or white vinyl
  • Easy to use and works with your cordless drill

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A well cleaned machine will reward you with lower electricity costs, reduced repair bills and extended running life. Be certain to consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual for appropriate operating and maintenance procedures unique to your appliance.