Swedish Boy Gets Trapped in Washer

Earlier today, we posted a story about a 13 year old Canadian youngster who became entrapped in a washing machine. Now the news wires are reporting a similar story of a seven year old Swedish boy who also became stuck in the family washing machine.

According to The Local, the young boy was caught in the machine for several hours prior to being extricated by emergency workers. Rescuers had to carefully dismantle the machine and then needed to cut the washing machine drum in order to free the boy.

Luckily, the boy was not injured.

Children are both curious and fearless in their pursuit of adventure. These two accounts demonstrate that the washing machines and dryers are dangerous appliances to not only babies and toddlers but equally to older children.

Older children, unlike babies and toddlers, can be directly spoken to about the dangers of laundry room appliances. Children are taught at an early age that the stove is not a toy and that it is dangerous. Parents also need to instruct their children that the washing machine and dryer can also be perilous and are not playthings.