Tips To Remove Makeup Stains On Laundry

ShopSmart Magazine, is here to help us ladies get rid of those pesky makeup stains in their May 2012 issue. “Something as small as a makeup stain can put a big dent in your day – and ruin your wardrobe!” said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. “We went to the experts to learn all of the inside tricks to keep you looking sharp when you walk out the door and help your wardrobe last longer.”

Here are some of the fantastic makeup stain removal tips offered by the magazine:

Cover-Up Before You Dress-Up

Tying a nylon scarf, or putting a makeup mask, around your head before pulling a garment over your head will help avoid the transfer of makeup and hair product onto your clothing.

Foam is Your Friend

A foam sponge or even the foam tabs on dry cleaning hangers can assist in lifting foundation stains and deodorant marks from clothing. A bit of foam should be wrapped around the finger (or otherwise held) and gently brushed against the stain.

Really stubborn stains may require the assistance of diluted Dawn dishwasher liquid. The cleanser can be applied with a toothbrush and worked in with soft circular motions and then rinsed.

Do The Dab

Prior to treating foundations stains, any excess liquid should be blotted. Then, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and dab the stain mark from the inside of the garment. Repeat as necessary. If the garment can be washed it should be further treated with a stain removal product. If not washable, additional recovery can be conducted at the dry cleaners.

Ready, Set, Blow!

Powdered makeup products should never be treated with water as this will force the powders into the cloth. Instead, a quick puff of the blow dryer can be used to remove face powder, eye shadow and powdery foods. Any residual amount can be washed or dry cleaned.

The Infamous Lipstick Stain 

Sprinkle baby powder over a lipstick stain to absorb oil. Then cover the mark with an alternate clean and dry cloth. Finally, run a warm  and dry iron across the alternate cloth. The mark should transfer from the garment to the alternate cloth.

Dastardly Deodorant Dilemmas

Nylon socks or pantyhose are your best defense in removing those irritating deodorant smears. Simply use these to rub the stains away.

ShopSmart Magazine was launched in 2006 by Consumer Reports.The magazine is published ten times a year.