Avoiding Washing Machine Repairs Can be Costly

It always happens at the worst possible time. You knew something sounded odd that last time you did laundry. But, your attention turned to other other household happenings: dinner plans, a bake sale and soccer practice. Then as you finally get a chance to combat that mounting load of laundry—-before your in-laws arrive that afternoon—your washing machine won’t start. Zilch, nada , zero response ….  In a panic you call your local washing machine repair hero and hope and pray that the service bill doesn’t break the bank. Or worse yet, deliver news the fateful news that you washer machine is beyond repair and that a replacement is needed. How can this be prevented?

Know the Warning Signs

Most washing machine repairs are preceded by a warning call of sorts. Recognizing what your washer is trying to “communicate” to you is the key to avoiding a costly repair or pricey replacement. The appliance repair specialist’s at 0800 Repair want consumers to beware of these telltale signs of washer trouble:

  • Loud, uncharacteristic noise
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Clothes coming out dirty,
  • Leaks and broken doors

Whenever you witness one of the above signs (or other abnormal operation) in your washing machine you need to act quickly to resolve the problem. Don’t let little problems repairs turn in large repairs.

Repair Options

A good place to start troubleshooting your washing machine problems is by consulting the manufacturer’s manual. Review the common problems section for an obvious explanation as to your machine’s poor performance or lack of operation. Sometimes the cause could be related to a power source…so be certain to check plugs and fuses.

Next you will need to determine if your washer is still under warranty. If it is you should consult with the manufacturer prior to starting any repairs. Most appliance manufacturers’s will require you to utilize an authorized service provider. Not doing so could void your warranty protections and leave you with a huge bill.

If you are out of the warranty period and handy, you may be able fix the problem yourself without professional help.  Assistance can be found with the helpful customer service representatives at AppliancePartsPro.com. This online resource has round-the-clock help to assist you with your washer repair, clothes dryer or other home appliance. The company has over a million parts stocked in their warehouse. They realize how vital it is to have a functioning washer for your family — and most washing machine parts are shipped in 1-2 days. No worries if you order the wrong part as the company allows you 365 days to return parts. Their website also offers free access to an appliance repair forum, where you can receive further advice and tips for your washing machine repair.

AppliancePartsPros.com, Inc.

Sometimes a washing machine repair is best left to a qualified appliance repair specialist. Many newer model washers can be quite complicated for the average consumer to repair. Paul Feek, Managing Director of 0800 REPAIR,states: “Technology plays a much larger role in today’s appliances and it is important to ensure that the goods such as washing machines are well maintained, and that repairs are carried out when necessary.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers cautions consumer’s to get a repair quote prior to contracting service. Ideally, this should be done at the initial inquiry call. They also remind consumer’s to keep track of all paperwork relating to the repair—-bills, written estimates and  service contracts. Receipts should be detailed. Proper documentation is especially important when your product is still under warranty. You will need to seek reimbursement and/or negotiate with the manufacturer for a replacement if you received a lemon.

Remember the important safe laundry tip here is to act quickly to repair the washing machine. You don’t want a $50 repair to turn into a $200 repair—or worse— by forcing the washer to operate in a broken state.