Avoiding A Washing Machine Flood

Stopping Water Damage in the Laundry Room
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Did you know that washing machines are the most frequent cause of home disasters? Insurance adjusters have identified burst washing machine hoses as the single most preventable source of damage to your home. Just one burst washer hose can fill a home with hundreds of gallons of water per hour.

The Problem

Your washing machine is a hard-working appliance. Joey Suarez, of A & A Plumbing in San Antonio, Texas states” It handles thousands of gallons of water, with lots of temperature swings and jarring movement. The hoses can become easily become brittle, form leaks or burst.”

The Solutions

You should inspect your washing machine hoses periodically for signs of  brittleness, leaking and unusual wear.  Most washer rubber hoses have a three year lifespan. When replacing the rubber hose consider purchasing a braided mesh / stainless steel washing machine hose.

Don’t ignore signs of a leaking washing machine. Even minor leaks in your laundry room have the potential to cause unseen and extensive water damage to the floors, walls, subfloors and frame of your home.  Untreated moisture build-up can lead to unhealthy mold growth.

Installing a washing machine drain pan can keep the immediate area under your machine free from minor water damage.

A small leak is a warning sign of larger problems ahead. Never delay. Take quick preventative measures to avoid a more costly leak.

You may also want to consider equipping your home with a Leak Detection System. Many insurance companies will offer you a homeowner’s insurance discount if you notify them that you have installed a water leak detector

Passive Leak Detection Systems are an affordable option for homeowners. These detectors signal leaks as they occur in your home. The downside is that someone needs to be in proximity to the detector to hear the alarm signal.  So, it’s alert is only useful if someone is at home to stop the flow of water.  This won’t help if you are work or the grocery store but it far better than not having any alarm at all.

Active Leak Detection Systems are more expense to install but can save you thousands if you ever have the misfortune of a serious water leak. These devices not only signal a warning alarm but also have the capacity to shut the water supply off at either the appliance or the main house supply. Some systems have the ability to activate central alarm systems.

Vacation Planning

Remember before leaving for vacation or a business trip to shut the water supply off to your washing machine. You don’t want to later find that your home was devastated by water damage while you were traveling.

With these simple preventative measures you can avoid a costly washing machine hose burst or other water damage accident in your laundry room.