Kitten Survives Washing Machine

A ten-week-old kitten in Scotland has just used one up one it’s nine lives. It’s owners failed to notice the nestled kitten while loading laundry from a basket into the washing machine.  According to the, the tiny feline was rescued prior to the spin cycle. Luckily it was not a hot water setting and miraculously the kitten managed not to drown. After being promptly treated in an heated oxygen chamber the kitten is now back at the family home.

Laundry rooms are tempting sleeping and hiding places for small pets. Soft and billowy piles of clothing make for a nice afternoon nap. Appliances offer dark dens affording quiet and warmth to furry friends.

If you have as small pet in the home it always a safe laundry tip to check the washer and dryer basins for a pet prior to starting the cycle.