Betty White Shares Her Safe Laundry Tips

Betty White is ready to share her safe laundry tips with you! On August 23, via Tide’s Facebook page Betty While will take questions from fans about laundry. To join the fun, you can pre-submit your questions up until August 13th via Tide’s Facebook and Twitter Pages. Use the hashtag #AskBetty. The theme of the chat will be “The Rules of White”

The ever-charming Betty White is the spokesperson for Tide Vivid detergents and Tide Vivid Boosts. The new line of Tide laundry supplies is her secret safe laundry tip to keep “whites like new wash after wash”. They also brighten brights. The Tide Vivid laundry booster pods are designed to be tossed in the wash along with Tide Vivid detergent. The products do not contain chlorine bleach and are safe for all machine washables. Tide Vivid Boost also contains an ingredient that neutralizes chlorine in the water supply. Chlorine can fade colors, the color safe bleach in the Vivid line keep colors bright and whites sparkling white.

Watch this funny Tide video short featuring Betty White styling some “youngsters” on her haute little white outfit.