Clorox Bleach Gets a Makeover

Brand favorite Clorox liquid bleach just got a makeover. The transformation is twofold. First consumers will notice an new Clorox bleach bottle that is much smaller in appearance than the iconic “jug bottle” packaging. The recently debuted Clorox bleach bottle has a slimmer and more modern appearance housing a newly formulated Clorox bleach. The updated formulation will be known as Concentrated Clorox regular bleach.

The new bottles are manufactured using less water and less plastic. Each reduction allowing Clorox to reduce to reduce its environmental footprint.

A trusted consumer brand for over a  century, Clorox aims to continually keep up with consumer preference without sacrificing product quality. Benno Dorer, senior vice president for the Clorox Cleaning Division stated ” To be successful over such a long period of time requires respect for tradition and quality, coupled with constant innovation in product improvements to keep delighting our consumers. The new concentrated bleach is just a more modern version of the same quality product that has been around for 100 years”.

Clorox hopes that consumers will like the new bottle a it is easier to carry, lift and pour. The re-designed bleach works well with both traditional and HE washers. Complementing, the smaller bleach dispenser found on most HE washing machines the new Concentrated Clorox will help consumers add the correct amount of bleach per laundry load.

Clorox Concentrated, at 64 ounces, is a third of the standard 96-ounce bleach bottle. Less is now more. Clorox promises that this concentrated version will also offer improved whitening capacity.

Consumers can start look for Clorox Concentrated starting in August 201 in some US regions. Ultimately, the concentrated version of Clorox liquid bleach will replace the previous standard version of Clorox. The Switch should occur in full by March 2013. Bottle labels of the new version will clearly stated “concentrated” to avoid consumer confusion. The company, will still keep Clorox Ultimate Care bleach in their product line.