Dryer Fires Caused by Dryer Sheet Residue

WFMY News2 reporter, Liz Crawford, in Greensboro, North Carolina conducted an interview with Fire Captain Mike Simmons of the Greensboro Fire Department about dryer fires.
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Captain Simmons presented viewers with a powerful safe laundry tip concerning usage of dryer sheets. In his words:

“They release by heat and it becomes like a glue to the filter screen when it cools back off and it can clog your screen without you really being able to see it”

So if you are a fan of dryer sheets you need to routinely not just empty the lint screen after each load —-But, also wash the lint screen in soap and water. Washing will remove the buildup of residue that is clogging the screen and allow air to circulate. Without air circulation the dryer can overheat and cause a fire.

An economic and safe alternative to dryer sheets are dryer balls. Dryer balls allow you to soften your laundry naturally by allowing air to freely circulate within the dryer. This means dryer time is decreased and energy savings are realized. Dryer balls also reduce static cling and wrinkling —-which means less time ironing. They are a safe laundry tip because they lessen the formation of lint. Excessive lint buildup in your dryer is a ca cause of fires and an energy waster as it prohibits proper air circulation. Ditching dryer sheets is also a plus, because your family can be spared from harsh chemicals contained in traditional dryer sheets. And, we bet that Fire Captains everywhere would approve of them since they do cause a sticky buildup in your dryer —which is also a cause of dryer fires.

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