Iron Safely With The Oliso Smart Iron


Okay, so I have a crush on a small appliance.

My funny valentine is the Oliso TG1050 1600 Watts Smart Iron.   This iron puts the romance (well, we can pretend) back into ironing.

Award Winning, Brawn and Brains

Seriously, the entire line of Oliso Irons are truly stellar appliances noted for their smart designs which allow you to safely iron your laundry.They have received a bounty of accolades and awards. Most notably, they were the recipient of the The Home Safety Council’s Commendation Award for Product innovation. The council recognizes products that are innovated with a focus on consumer safety.  The Oliso Iron also was an Iparenting Media award winner in a nod that shows that families with children appreciate the safe laundry benefits.

Oliso Smart Irons feature a patent-protected technology known as iTouch. The inventors of this new technology realized that the standard iron needed to be reinvented with a revived focus on ease of use and most importantly, safety. One of the problems with traditional irons are their inherent instability. Their wobbliness can cause accidental burns to the user or the fabric being ironed. The product engineers at Oliso solved the traditional iron design flaws and designed an iron that has both brawn and brains. The ergonomically designed Oliso Smart Irons actually know when you are ready to start or end the ironing process.

They key to the Oliso Smart Iron ITouch technology is in the handle. When not in use, the handle activates the lowering of the scorchguards. The scorchguards lift (like a push-up) the iron away from the surface area of the fabric or ironing surface. Thus the iron can safely rest in a horizontal position vs the mandatory vertical position of other irons. Such freedom prevents accidental overheating of fabrics, burns to skin, repetitive hand motions and the annoying falling iron occurrence.

But how does it iron?

Fabulously! The grill plate allows for smooth gliding over fabrics. It affords a vigorous steam action. You can safely steam fabrics in either an upright or vertical position giving you the flexibility you need to achieve professional laundered results. A unique fill tray design prevents water from dripping onto fabrics.

Watch this sexy steamer in action: Oliso Smart Iron Demonstration

Safety Matters

So our Safe Laundry Tip, is that the Oliso Smart Iron will greatly reduce laundry room hazards via:

  1.  Reducing Painful Accidental Skin Burns
  2.  Preventing Household Fires With Automatic Timed Shut-off
  3.  Defending Your Fabrics From Ruin By Accidental Scorching
  4.  Averting Dangerous And Damaging Iron Falls

Excuse me, please, I have to get ready for my date now. Umm….I mean go iron my clothes.