Good Natured Brand Laundry Detergent

Good Natured Brand Laundry Detergent Rosemary Revival

The Good Natured Brand uses only plant-based soap, biodegradable salt-based minerals, and fresh rosemary essential oil to thoroughly clean your laundry and leave it smelling fresh and natural. It’s the perfect powdered laundry detergent for sensitive noses and skin. Good Natured’s low-sudsing formula is compatible with High Efficiency washers.

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INGREDIENTS: Plant-based (coconut) soap flakes, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, and pure rosemary essential oil.

Kate Perin and Lisa Hansen are the founders of Good Natured products. The company is based in Maine. Kate Perin was inspired to create this refreshing, natural product line out of a desire to keep her family safe from environmental toxins. She realized that the same diligent practices she exercised to put clean and fresh food into her growing family’s bodies, should equally apply to products that touch our skin or we breathe into our lungs.

“The fact that our products are truly natural gives us the edge. We wouldn’t be doing this otherwise. You can’t compete with the national brands on their playing field. No one is doing this without synthetic preservatives,” Perrin says. “We’re the only one, as far as I know [that will be distributed nationally]. A lot of products claim to be all natural, but they’re not. And we don’t use derivatives of essential oils, we use the actual essential oils.” (Source

Although the company is growing due to very positive consumer reviews and repeat business, the co-founders are still very much involved in every aspect of Good Natured Products. They are honestly committed to bringing you the best products for your home to support your own tradition of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Purchase Here: Rosemary Revival Laundry Soda 52 load/ Washes , 32 Oz

NGREDIENTS: Plant-based (coconut) soap flakes, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, and pure rosemary essential oil.

DIRECTIONS: Use 1 scoop per load (or slightly more for heavily-soiled clothes).

WARNING: Even though this product is all-natural with no artificial fragrances, we recommend keeping it out of the reach of children and pets (as it is a soap!).


The Ultimate Natural Clean: PureWash Ionic Laundry Purifier Review

Are you interested in saving money, getting your clothes super clean and avoiding harsh laundry detergents and chemical agents?  If so, we have a product that home your laundry room needs.  An incredible cleaning machine that will quickly pay for itself as you enjoy naturally clean laundry.  Let us introduce you to the PureWash Ionic Laundry Purifier a perfect safe laundry tip.

GreenTech Environmental LLC  brings to your home laundry room a cleaning concept previously only available to large institutions such as hospitals and hotels. The Purewash Ionic Laundry Purifier harnesses the natural power of ozone to wash dirt, grime, bacteria  and odors effortlessly from your laundry.  Working in tandem with your home washing machine, the pureWash delivers enhanced oxygen and Photo Catalytic Oxidizers to your cold laundry water.

Three Ways To Save Money

The PureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System allows you to achieve a maximum clean utilizing only cold washes.  You can say goodbye to high energy bills caused by hot water wash settings. An Amazon reviewer successfully achieved a $30 savings on his energy bill in the first month of usage.

Drying time is further reduced because of reduced detergent residue. One reviewer conservatively placed this at 20%. Again, this results in increased energy savings and a quick return on your initial purchase investment.

The third set of savings is realized in ridding your shopping list of expensive laundry detergents, costly fabric softeners, bleaches and other cleaning materials. Imagine the savings.

The ultimate savings comes in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. An investment in our future.

Health Benefits of Super Clean Laundry

Standard washing machine cycles often fail to remove all laundry detergent residue.  This sticky residue traps dirt and grime leaving your clothes unclean. This same residue can also be transferred to your skin, your largest organ, allowing entry into your body of harmful and irritating chemicals. Leading to skin rashes, respiratory complaints and other ailments.

The pureWash offers a clean load of laundry each time you wash. The pureWash Laundry Purifier goes rids your clothes of toxic detergent residue from day one.  Reviewers reported a visible and smellable “flushing” of old detergent residue in the first few cycles of pureWash usage. Each subsequent use of the pureWash resulted in cleaner and brighter laundry.

The pureWash also santizes your laundry without the use of bleach or hot water.  Bacteria and viruses are effectively killed via ionic purification. An added plus not only during cold and flu season, but all during the year.  Safe and clean laundry keeps your family healthy.

Easy Installation

Although the pureWash is a mini-marvel no advanced engineering degree is needed for assembly. The review team posted positive marks for well published instructions. Assembly was simple taking 30 minutes or less.

Once pureWash is installed it requires no further attention and you may operate you washing machine normally. It will automatically turn on for the wash and rinse cycles. The viewing window lets you know that it is hard at work releasing cleansing oxidized bubbles.

Quality Product

GreenTech Environmental offers a commendable three year limited warranty on the pureWash eco-friendly laundry system. Purewash utilizes state-of-the-art engineering that  is virtually maintenance free. The company also operates a competent customer service department at the ready to respond to inquiries and concerns.

Two models of the pureWash are available for purchase. If you have a front loading washer or top loading high-efficiency washing machine you will require the low flow pureWash model. All other top loader washers are suitable for the high-flow pureWash model.

Discover how good it feels to be truly green and clean today. Order your pureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System today. Buy Now: The pureWash Professional-Grade Ionic Laundry Purifier (High-Efficiency Washers)


Betty White Shares Her Safe Laundry Tips

Betty White is ready to share her safe laundry tips with you! On August 23, via Tide’s Facebook page Betty While will take questions from fans about laundry. To join the fun, you can pre-submit your questions up until August 13th via Tide’s Facebook and Twitter Pages. Use the hashtag #AskBetty. The theme of the chat will be “The Rules of White”

The ever-charming Betty White is the spokesperson for Tide Vivid detergents and Tide Vivid Boosts. The new line of Tide laundry supplies is her secret safe laundry tip to keep “whites like new wash after wash”. They also brighten brights. The Tide Vivid laundry booster pods are designed to be tossed in the wash along with Tide Vivid detergent. The products do not contain chlorine bleach and are safe for all machine washables. Tide Vivid Boost also contains an ingredient that neutralizes chlorine in the water supply. Chlorine can fade colors, the color safe bleach in the Vivid line keep colors bright and whites sparkling white.

Watch this funny Tide video short featuring Betty White styling some “youngsters” on her haute little white outfit.


Tips to Extend Clothing Life

From professional work attire to casual fare, we have a lot of money invested in our clothing.  Therefore, it makes both sense and cents to safely and efficiently launder our garments.  Dr. Elizabeth Easter, a University of Kentucky professor and textile consultant for General Electric Clothes Care offers these safe laundry tips:

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Line Drying vs. Clothes Dryer

Often, clothing is set out for line drying in the hopes that it will extend fabric life and avoid shrinkage.However, Dr. Easter states that this is a myth for most garments.  Shrinkage, occurs in the first few washes regardless of drying method. Care should be still be taken for delicates and sweaters that require manual reshaping. These items should be placed to line dry or put on a flat surface to dry as per the care label instructions.

Full Loads = Clean Loads

There still exists the consumer misperception, that very small loads equate to cleaner clothes. Actually, Dr. Easter states today’s washing machines are designed to effectively clean laundry at full capacity. Washing tiny loads, unnecessarily, results in higher energy and water bills. Full loads, however, should not be confused with over stuffing your washing machine.

Time Your Fabric Softener

A common laundry room mistake, is adding laundry detergent and fabric softener to the washing machine at the same time. Dr. Easter, remarks that this causes a chemical reaction and can inactivate the effectiveness of the products. Instead, fabric softener should only be added at the start if your washing  machine is equipped with an auto dispense feature.

Always, measure accurately per your laundry volume and degree of dirt.  Adding too much fabric softener or more laundry detergent than needed will result in over-sudsing and clothing that retains residue and feels rough.

Powder Detergent vs. Liquid Detergents

Liquid detergents are used by 75% of consumers to clean their laundry. Yet, powder detergents are more effective at removing heavy soils – such as dirt – from clothing. Oil stains, whether body based or cooking oils, obtain better cleansing results in liquid detergents.

Allie Mann Interiors

Allie Mann Interiors


Rockin’ Green Gets Voted ‘Best Laundry Detergent’

The votes are in and Rockin’ Green laundry detergent was voted the “Best Laundry Detergent” in the 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards. This green and vegan detergent consumer favorite beat out competition by industry giants such as ECOS, Method and Tide.

Rockin’ Green Detergent CEO/Founder,Kimberly Webb, cites customer satisfaction and passionate loyalty for the vote: “We’ve put so much heart and soul into creating an eco-friendly, safe detergent; however, we really owe our new title, ‘Best Laundry Detergent,’ to our loyal customers who, once they started using Rockin’ Green, never looked back.”

The company was formed just three years ago but has incurred a honorable consumer base in the highly competitive detergent market. Besides the current accolade, the company has also received awards from MACT (Mother Approved and Child Tested) in the Non-Toxic and Safe Product’s category and in the Green Product,Production and Packaging category.

It seems that necessity was truly the mother of invention, as CEO/Founder Kimberly Webb started Rockin’ Green in her search to clean cloth diapers and protect her child’s sensitive skin. Webb states” “It’s tough finding a product that is safe for your kids but tough on stains and cleans perfectly,but you shouldn’t have to settle,” says Kim. “I am so unbelievably grateful that Rockin’ Green helps moms and babies because that is exactly what I set out to do!”

Eco-friendly Rockin’ Green laundry detergents are free of dyes, fillers, optical brighteners and enzymes and phosphates. The detergent is an excellent choice for babies and a perfect way to clean cloth diapers. It is gentle, leaves near-to-zero detergent residue, and removes water deposits. This laundry detergent is also vegan. Detergent products come both in scented and unscented versions. All scented versions are derived from 100% natural essential oils and are organic. Anyone looking for a safe and healthy way to launder their clothes will be amazed by this product line.

A unique feature of the green detergent line is that it offers products (Hard Rock, Soft Rock, and Classic Rock) tailored to your regions water conditions. The product is formulated to minimize water deposits and to actively rinse clean most detergent residue to protect your skin —the largest organ.

Rockin’ Green also offers pet detergent,toy detergent and feminine pad detergent.

This is one laundry detergent that is definitely a Rock Star!

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