Tricks For Removing Halloween Treats – Chocolate Stain Removal Guide

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Don’t let ghoulish and gooey Halloween chocolate stains spook you! Contrary to laundry lore, chocolate stains can usually be removed. Here are some Halloween laundry tips and tricks for removing chocolate stains.

Fresh is The Best Defense

The best defense in removing chocolate stains, or another type of spillage is to treat the spill fast prior to the stain being absorbed permanently, setting, into the fabric.

In the case of  dried chocolate, gently scrape off any “caked” on remnants.  A tooth pick or dull butter knife will assist with task.  If the chocolate stain is very fresh and still wet, try to transfer the soiled remnants to a clean paper towel or rag. Do this in a blotting fashion.  Do not further press the spilled chocolate substance into the fabric. Blot from the underside of the fabric onto the transfer surface.

It is important to read the fabric care instructions on the garment or textile items label to determine if the soiled article can be machine washed or requires dry cleaning. Items that require dry cleaning should be promptly taken in for treatment. The longer stains sit, the more likely they will become permanent.

Greasy Food Stains

Chocolate stains fall into the category of “Greasy Food Stains”.  Due to the oil component of chocolate the stain  is considered both a wet and dry stain. Stains from chocolate should be treated just as you would any other oil based food stain such as gravy, mayonnaise or dairy products.

Laundry Tip – Get Tough With a Pretreatment

Generously apply, to the point of saturation, the stained area with a pretreatment laundry remover that is enzyme based. Let the remover sit a full minute on the product to achieve penetration of the fibers. Heavily stained items should also be treated by applying and then rubbing liquid laundry detergent into the soiled area. After the above treatments, the item should be placed in a regular wash cycle.

If the stain has not come out, repeat the above.  Do not dry the stained article as this will permanently set the chocolate stain into the fabric.

If the stains still remains after a stain remover treatment and washing, try using chlorine bleach or a color safe bleach depending on what the fabric care label states is safe. When in doubt, test drop on a hidden seam.

So enjoy your Milk Duds, Milk Ways, Musketeers without fear!  Say Boo to Chocolate stains today!

That is our safe laundry tip for a Happy Halloween to all!


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Tips to Extend Clothing Life

From professional work attire to casual fare, we have a lot of money invested in our clothing.  Therefore, it makes both sense and cents to safely and efficiently launder our garments.  Dr. Elizabeth Easter, a University of Kentucky professor and textile consultant for General Electric Clothes Care offers these safe laundry tips:

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Line Drying vs. Clothes Dryer

Often, clothing is set out for line drying in the hopes that it will extend fabric life and avoid shrinkage.However, Dr. Easter states that this is a myth for most garments.  Shrinkage, occurs in the first few washes regardless of drying method. Care should be still be taken for delicates and sweaters that require manual reshaping. These items should be placed to line dry or put on a flat surface to dry as per the care label instructions.

Full Loads = Clean Loads

There still exists the consumer misperception, that very small loads equate to cleaner clothes. Actually, Dr. Easter states today’s washing machines are designed to effectively clean laundry at full capacity. Washing tiny loads, unnecessarily, results in higher energy and water bills. Full loads, however, should not be confused with over stuffing your washing machine.

Time Your Fabric Softener

A common laundry room mistake, is adding laundry detergent and fabric softener to the washing machine at the same time. Dr. Easter, remarks that this causes a chemical reaction and can inactivate the effectiveness of the products. Instead, fabric softener should only be added at the start if your washing  machine is equipped with an auto dispense feature.

Always, measure accurately per your laundry volume and degree of dirt.  Adding too much fabric softener or more laundry detergent than needed will result in over-sudsing and clothing that retains residue and feels rough.

Powder Detergent vs. Liquid Detergents

Liquid detergents are used by 75% of consumers to clean their laundry. Yet, powder detergents are more effective at removing heavy soils – such as dirt – from clothing. Oil stains, whether body based or cooking oils, obtain better cleansing results in liquid detergents.

Allie Mann Interiors

Allie Mann Interiors


Tips To Remove Makeup Stains On Laundry

ShopSmart Magazine, is here to help us ladies get rid of those pesky makeup stains in their May 2012 issue. “Something as small as a makeup stain can put a big dent in your day – and ruin your wardrobe!” said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. “We went to the experts to learn all of the inside tricks to keep you looking sharp when you walk out the door and help your wardrobe last longer.”

Here are some of the fantastic makeup stain removal tips offered by the magazine:

Cover-Up Before You Dress-Up

Tying a nylon scarf, or putting a makeup mask, around your head before pulling a garment over your head will help avoid the transfer of makeup and hair product onto your clothing.

Foam is Your Friend

A foam sponge or even the foam tabs on dry cleaning hangers can assist in lifting foundation stains and deodorant marks from clothing. A bit of foam should be wrapped around the finger (or otherwise held) and gently brushed against the stain.

Really stubborn stains may require the assistance of diluted Dawn dishwasher liquid. The cleanser can be applied with a toothbrush and worked in with soft circular motions and then rinsed.

Do The Dab

Prior to treating foundations stains, any excess liquid should be blotted. Then, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and dab the stain mark from the inside of the garment. Repeat as necessary. If the garment can be washed it should be further treated with a stain removal product. If not washable, additional recovery can be conducted at the dry cleaners.

Ready, Set, Blow!

Powdered makeup products should never be treated with water as this will force the powders into the cloth. Instead, a quick puff of the blow dryer can be used to remove face powder, eye shadow and powdery foods. Any residual amount can be washed or dry cleaned.

The Infamous Lipstick Stain 

Sprinkle baby powder over a lipstick stain to absorb oil. Then cover the mark with an alternate clean and dry cloth. Finally, run a warm  and dry iron across the alternate cloth. The mark should transfer from the garment to the alternate cloth.

Dastardly Deodorant Dilemmas

Nylon socks or pantyhose are your best defense in removing those irritating deodorant smears. Simply use these to rub the stains away.

ShopSmart Magazine was launched in 2006 by Consumer Reports.The magazine is published ten times a year.


Rockin’ Green Gets Voted ‘Best Laundry Detergent’

The votes are in and Rockin’ Green laundry detergent was voted the “Best Laundry Detergent” in the 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards. This green and vegan detergent consumer favorite beat out competition by industry giants such as ECOS, Method and Tide.

Rockin’ Green Detergent CEO/Founder,Kimberly Webb, cites customer satisfaction and passionate loyalty for the vote: “We’ve put so much heart and soul into creating an eco-friendly, safe detergent; however, we really owe our new title, ‘Best Laundry Detergent,’ to our loyal customers who, once they started using Rockin’ Green, never looked back.”

The company was formed just three years ago but has incurred a honorable consumer base in the highly competitive detergent market. Besides the current accolade, the company has also received awards from MACT (Mother Approved and Child Tested) in the Non-Toxic and Safe Product’s category and in the Green Product,Production and Packaging category.

It seems that necessity was truly the mother of invention, as CEO/Founder Kimberly Webb started Rockin’ Green in her search to clean cloth diapers and protect her child’s sensitive skin. Webb states” “It’s tough finding a product that is safe for your kids but tough on stains and cleans perfectly,but you shouldn’t have to settle,” says Kim. “I am so unbelievably grateful that Rockin’ Green helps moms and babies because that is exactly what I set out to do!”

Eco-friendly Rockin’ Green laundry detergents are free of dyes, fillers, optical brighteners and enzymes and phosphates. The detergent is an excellent choice for babies and a perfect way to clean cloth diapers. It is gentle, leaves near-to-zero detergent residue, and removes water deposits. This laundry detergent is also vegan. Detergent products come both in scented and unscented versions. All scented versions are derived from 100% natural essential oils and are organic. Anyone looking for a safe and healthy way to launder their clothes will be amazed by this product line.

A unique feature of the green detergent line is that it offers products (Hard Rock, Soft Rock, and Classic Rock) tailored to your regions water conditions. The product is formulated to minimize water deposits and to actively rinse clean most detergent residue to protect your skin —the largest organ.

Rockin’ Green also offers pet detergent,toy detergent and feminine pad detergent.

This is one laundry detergent that is definitely a Rock Star!

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