Laundry Room Decor

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Laundry Room by Davis Interiors

Laundry room decor should go beyond picking the perfect style washer and dryer. Between sorting, washing, drying, folding and ironing we all spend a lot of time in our laundry rooms. But, too often home decorating ideas neglect the laundry room. That’s a shame because laundry room decorating can be a fun household project. The right mix of laundry room accessories can quickly turn a drab area into a fabulous room.

A well designed laundry room is one that first focuses on safety and aims to reduce hazards. Secondly, a laundry area should have an emphasis on organization to make it functional. Last, but far from least a laundry space should include laundry room decor that enhances it’s visible enjoyment. We think our laundry room ideas will add a bit of cheer to an otherwise utilitarian task.

A laundry room makeover should include a comprehensive interior design approach. Dress walls with laundry room signs or other laundry room decor.  Install laundry room cabinets to afford functionality and display possibilities. Turn floors turn into vibrant walkways with colorful rugs or decorative tile work. Showcase a dramatic ceiling light fixture to add a brilliant designer touch. And don’t forget the sink…laundry room sink that is! The right utility sink can introduce a touch of pizazz.

Overall, simple decorative home accent pieces such as unique laundry baskets, antique washing props, light switch plates, clothes hampers,and decorative containers can easily transform a spartan space into your dream laundry room.

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When decorating a laundry room some find it easy to focus on an interior design theme. Here is our listing of laundry ideas for your laundry room makeover.

Welcome to your beautiful new laundrette!

Vintage Laundry Room Decor

A vintage laundry room can be created with vintage laundry signs, vintage wall decor and other charming reproductions sending you back to an age of innocence. A simple placement of an few antiqued metal signs, an arranged display of old fashioned storage bottles or a few props from yesteryear add warmth and whimsical vintage flare.

Retro Fun Laundry Room Ideas

Add a few splashes of the past with colorful retro decor accent pieces. Retro laundry signs can add a fun vibe to your laundry room. Teamed with other retro laundry decor you will be “washing and rocking around the clock” to the visual tunes of an era re-imagined.

Shabby Chic Laundry Decor

Crisp and cozy are the elements in this laundry room theme. Think French Laundry.

Rustic Country Laundry Decor

Decorating the laundry room can be loads of fun! The choice of laundry decor is yours. Pick and place laundry accessories that you love and a dream laundry room is born. A beautiful Amish Laundry Basket will add a nice country themed touch to your laundry room.

amish laundry basket