Love Your Laundry Give-Away

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Wouldn’t your laundry room look fabulous with this shiny new Amana 3.6 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer  and sparkling 7.0 cu. ft. Traditional Amana Dryer with Interior Drum Light ?


This Amana Washer model is Energy Star rated, too. Amana’s top load washer uses up to 73% less water and 84% less energy compared to older traditional models. Efficiently washes laundry in as little as 13 as gallons of water. Features 12 wash cycle options, auto-load sensing and automatic temperature control. An all steel drum protects your clothes from damaging snags and rust stains.

The matching Amana 7.0 cu. ft. Traditional Electric Dryer with Interior Drum Light ,available in either a gas or electric models,can easily can handle large loads. An auto-sensor detects when your laundry is dry. This feature not only affords great home energy savings but protects your fabrics from shrinking and unnecessary wear. The dryer is also equipped with a light!!!!

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Laundry can be Beary Fun with Samsung’s EcoBubble

Samsung’s EcoBubble Washing Machine is designed to deliver up to 70% in home energy savings. Patented EcoBubble technology allows cold water washes to clean effectively as warm water cycles. Samsung proudly offers a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Check out this surprise visitor at a Samsung commercial shoot.


The Ultimate Natural Clean: PureWash Ionic Laundry Purifier Review

Are you interested in saving money, getting your clothes super clean and avoiding harsh laundry detergents and chemical agents?  If so, we have a product that home your laundry room needs.  An incredible cleaning machine that will quickly pay for itself as you enjoy naturally clean laundry.  Let us introduce you to the PureWash Ionic Laundry Purifier a perfect safe laundry tip.

GreenTech Environmental LLC  brings to your home laundry room a cleaning concept previously only available to large institutions such as hospitals and hotels. The Purewash Ionic Laundry Purifier harnesses the natural power of ozone to wash dirt, grime, bacteria  and odors effortlessly from your laundry.  Working in tandem with your home washing machine, the pureWash delivers enhanced oxygen and Photo Catalytic Oxidizers to your cold laundry water.

Three Ways To Save Money

The PureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System allows you to achieve a maximum clean utilizing only cold washes.  You can say goodbye to high energy bills caused by hot water wash settings. An Amazon reviewer successfully achieved a $30 savings on his energy bill in the first month of usage.

Drying time is further reduced because of reduced detergent residue. One reviewer conservatively placed this at 20%. Again, this results in increased energy savings and a quick return on your initial purchase investment.

The third set of savings is realized in ridding your shopping list of expensive laundry detergents, costly fabric softeners, bleaches and other cleaning materials. Imagine the savings.

The ultimate savings comes in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. An investment in our future.

Health Benefits of Super Clean Laundry

Standard washing machine cycles often fail to remove all laundry detergent residue.  This sticky residue traps dirt and grime leaving your clothes unclean. This same residue can also be transferred to your skin, your largest organ, allowing entry into your body of harmful and irritating chemicals. Leading to skin rashes, respiratory complaints and other ailments.

The pureWash offers a clean load of laundry each time you wash. The pureWash Laundry Purifier goes rids your clothes of toxic detergent residue from day one.  Reviewers reported a visible and smellable “flushing” of old detergent residue in the first few cycles of pureWash usage. Each subsequent use of the pureWash resulted in cleaner and brighter laundry.

The pureWash also santizes your laundry without the use of bleach or hot water.  Bacteria and viruses are effectively killed via ionic purification. An added plus not only during cold and flu season, but all during the year.  Safe and clean laundry keeps your family healthy.

Easy Installation

Although the pureWash is a mini-marvel no advanced engineering degree is needed for assembly. The review team posted positive marks for well published instructions. Assembly was simple taking 30 minutes or less.

Once pureWash is installed it requires no further attention and you may operate you washing machine normally. It will automatically turn on for the wash and rinse cycles. The viewing window lets you know that it is hard at work releasing cleansing oxidized bubbles.

Quality Product

GreenTech Environmental offers a commendable three year limited warranty on the pureWash eco-friendly laundry system. Purewash utilizes state-of-the-art engineering that  is virtually maintenance free. The company also operates a competent customer service department at the ready to respond to inquiries and concerns.

Two models of the pureWash are available for purchase. If you have a front loading washer or top loading high-efficiency washing machine you will require the low flow pureWash model. All other top loader washers are suitable for the high-flow pureWash model.

Discover how good it feels to be truly green and clean today. Order your pureWash Eco-Friendly Laundry System today. Buy Now: The pureWash Professional-Grade Ionic Laundry Purifier (High-Efficiency Washers)


Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag

No laundry humbug here! These festive Santa laundry bags are certain to add Christmas cheer to your laundry routine.

Our Santa’s Laundry Bags will also
play double duty as cute holiday decor. Load them up with beautifully wrapped and trimmed packages for a bit of Christmas fun and place under the tree.

Or,simply play Santa yourself on Christmas morning as you deliver goodies to all those that have been nice.



We at Safe Laundry Tips hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and find all that you desire in your bag from Santa.


Tricks For Removing Halloween Treats – Chocolate Stain Removal Guide

<img src="halloween cupcakes.jpg" alt="chocolate halloween cupcakes with pumpkins ">

Don’t let ghoulish and gooey Halloween chocolate stains spook you! Contrary to laundry lore, chocolate stains can usually be removed. Here are some Halloween laundry tips and tricks for removing chocolate stains.

Fresh is The Best Defense

The best defense in removing chocolate stains, or another type of spillage is to treat the spill fast prior to the stain being absorbed permanently, setting, into the fabric.

In the case of  dried chocolate, gently scrape off any “caked” on remnants.  A tooth pick or dull butter knife will assist with task.  If the chocolate stain is very fresh and still wet, try to transfer the soiled remnants to a clean paper towel or rag. Do this in a blotting fashion.  Do not further press the spilled chocolate substance into the fabric. Blot from the underside of the fabric onto the transfer surface.

It is important to read the fabric care instructions on the garment or textile items label to determine if the soiled article can be machine washed or requires dry cleaning. Items that require dry cleaning should be promptly taken in for treatment. The longer stains sit, the more likely they will become permanent.

Greasy Food Stains

Chocolate stains fall into the category of “Greasy Food Stains”.  Due to the oil component of chocolate the stain  is considered both a wet and dry stain. Stains from chocolate should be treated just as you would any other oil based food stain such as gravy, mayonnaise or dairy products.

Laundry Tip – Get Tough With a Pretreatment

Generously apply, to the point of saturation, the stained area with a pretreatment laundry remover that is enzyme based. Let the remover sit a full minute on the product to achieve penetration of the fibers. Heavily stained items should also be treated by applying and then rubbing liquid laundry detergent into the soiled area. After the above treatments, the item should be placed in a regular wash cycle.

If the stain has not come out, repeat the above.  Do not dry the stained article as this will permanently set the chocolate stain into the fabric.

If the stains still remains after a stain remover treatment and washing, try using chlorine bleach or a color safe bleach depending on what the fabric care label states is safe. When in doubt, test drop on a hidden seam.

So enjoy your Milk Duds, Milk Ways, Musketeers without fear!  Say Boo to Chocolate stains today!

That is our safe laundry tip for a Happy Halloween to all!


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