Kitchen Stains Removal Tip:Delta Carbona Fat & Cooking Oil Remover

Unlock the grease stain removal powers of Carbona Stain Devils. Stain Devils remove virtually every stain imaginable from washable and dry clean only fabrics, excluding silk, acetate, carpeting, leather, suede, and upholstery. Stain Devil Formula 5 is tough on kitchen-based spots: Butter, carbon cooking oil, fat, grease, lard, margarine and mayo. But it also removes hand and body lotion, lubricant, motor oil, shoe polisher, and suntan lotion. Stock up on your supply today. Tackle grease spots at home me and avoid a costly visit to the dry cleaners. Carbona Stain Devils are an excellent safe laundry tip for home fabric care.

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To the Rescue: Carbona Color & Dirt Grabber Reusable, 1-Count (Pack of 4)

Carbona Color & Dirt Grabber Reusable, 1-Count (Pack of 4)

Carbona Color & Dirt Grabber Reusable, 1-Count (Pack of 4) The reusable Carbona Color Grabber should be in every laundry room! We all have experienced that terrible "up-oh" moment when washing clothes. By mistake, you accidentally placed a red sock in with your load of whites. Now your formerly pristine whites are blushing pink in embarrassment. The Carbona Color Grabber prevents a repeat performance of this laundry horror story. Simply place the Carbona Color Grabber in your wash and residual dyes will transfer to the color and dye grabber. It's laundry magic! The reusable Carbona Color Grabber works on at least 30 loads of laundry. It can later be retired as an ordinary rag for other household cleaning duties. You will save on water and energy costs with the Carbona Color Grabber. No need to endlessly sort mini-loads of laundry just because you fear something might bleed. And, it's a great insurance measure to protect your valuable clothing from being ruined. To get the maximum benefit from your Carbona Color Grabber the company recommends that you do not use liquid fabric softener in the wash with this product. Liquid fabric softeners leave a residue on the grabber that reduces it's effectiveness. Also, be sure no to overfill your washing machine. The color grabber needs freedom of movement to soak up bleeding dyes. All new clothing should be washed at least five times to ensure all excessive dyes have been released. We love the Carbona Color Grabber. It is one of our best safe laundry tips for whiter and brighter clothing!

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