Best Hand Clothes Wringer

The Calliger Best Hand Clothes Wringer SAVES YOU  –  Money on Electricity & Water !

“I started hand washing my laundry when I moved to an apartment with no laundromat nearby, and this wringer has made the biggest difference. From thin shirts to thick towels and blue jeans, it really wrings the water out. Really easy to crank, and adjusting the tightness is a breeze. It’s actually kind of fun to use; I find myself doing laundry twice as often as I used to!”

Hand Crank Clothes Wringer by Calliger | 14” Rollers


  • HAND WASH YOUR CLOTHES EASILY & EFFICIENTLY: Wringing wet laundry by hand can be quite toilsome and can hurt hands and wrists. Perfect for emergency preparedness and natural disasters, the military, washing your car, for professional Tilers and Grouters, or for people who simply love the idea of self-sufficient, off the grid living. This useful wringer will help you effortlessly remove the water from your clothes and tremendously speed up drying time of laundry, without even breaking a sweat!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY & THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The upgraded hardware saves you from using shims (like other brands), while a waterproof, lacquer finished handle with cap protects the appliance against damage or wood splitting. A rustproof, zinc plated tilt plate with powder coated finish directs the water to the basin, while a perfectly sized rubber wedge helps you keep the bi-directional tilt plate perfectly stable, without flopping back and forth.
  • INCREASED LIFESPAN: Every single metal piece of this wringer has been zinc plated and powder coated for maximum weather resistance. The steel frame and roller shafts are virtually indestructible and make sure this superior hand clothes wringer outlasts all others on the market. Great for thin and thicker clothing items, and is perfect for wringing your clothes, towels, chamois or jeans. Roller width: 14″ Metal frame width: 17.5″
  • CONVENIENT ANGLED CLAMPING SYSTEM: This wringer comes with a well thought out clamp design that has angled clamps, allowing it to attach to round or square basins / washtubs.
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Hand Crank Clothes Wringer by Calliger | 14” Rollers

BUY NOW Hand Crank Clothes Wringer by Calliger | 14″ Rollers – More Space to Wring than Any Other Brand | Manual Off Grid Laundry Dryer | Perfect for Clothing, Towels, Chamois, Tile Grouting Sponges